Geology and Mining

Jammu & Kashmir’s has a rich and wide variety of minerals. The State is home for 18 different minerals like Limestone, Gypsum, Marble, Granite, Bauxite, Coal, Magnetite, Slates, Sapphire, Quartzite, Dolomite, Borax, China Clay, Bentonite, Clay, Quartz Silica Sand, and Graphite, These minerals are found in various districts providing base for forming various minerals based industries in the State. Estimated available mineral reserves with occurrence and use are shown in below table:

Limestone 5000 MT All Districts except
Jammu,Doda & Ponch
Manufacture of Cement,Calcium Carbine
Gypsum 152 MT Baramula,Uri,Doda Manufacture of Cement,Fertilizer,
Marble 405 M Cub Mt. Kupwara Decorative Bulding Stone
Granite 8355 sq. km(Arial) Kargil,Leh Decorative Bulding Stone
Bauxite 07 MT Udhampur,Ponch Manufacure Of Aluminium
Coal 9.50 MT Kalakot,Moghla,Udhampur,Rajouri As fuel
Magnesite 4 MT Udhampur,Panthal,Reasi Refractory bricks for furnaces
Slates 1.5 M Cub Mt. Doda & Baramulla Bulding Material
Sapphire - Doda,Paddar Precious Stone
Quartzite 2 MT Anantnag,Kupwara Glass & IT Industries
Dolomite 4.37 MT Udhampur,Kupwara Refractory Material
Borex 0.742 MT Udhampur,Rajouri Borosil Glass,Enamels Ceramics,Silver
China Clay 28 MT Pogo Valley Leh Ceramics,Pottery,Paper
Bentonite Clay 0.122 MT District Udhampur Abrasive,Glass,Pottery,
Quartz & Silica Sand 3.1 MT District Jammu Drilling mud,Refining Oils,
Diaspora 1188 Tones Anantnag,Doda,Udhampur High Alumina Refractory,
Graphite 62 MT Baramulla Crucible Foundry,Refractory,



Geology and Mining Department is authorized to receive royalty on extraction of Major as well as Minor Minerals in the state at the rates fixed by the Govt.